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Qualified Retirement Plans

At Benefit Management our goal is to provide our clients with a first class retirement plan experience. Accordingly, our team–based approach is focused on dedicated service at each stage of the plan’s operation.


  • Retirement plan needs assessment
  • Cutting-edge plan design
  • Plan document drafting assistance


  • Employee education sessions
  • Face to face enrollment and rollover assistance
  • Asset allocation modeling


  • Access to personal service contacts
  • Support for changes in employee participation
  • Assistance with tax qualification forms

Plan Designs

  • 401(k)-Roth 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Defined Benefit
  • Money Purchase
  • Cash Balance
  • Target Benefit
  • Simple IRA

Additionally, it is our belief that employers need to be aware of how their employee benefits programs are being utilized. That is why we track three key statistics and report to employers on an annual basis. They include:

  • Total enrollment increases year to year
  • Deferral percentage increases from year to year
  • Portfolio usage (i.e. asset allocation modeling)

Combining our awareness of these statistics with our ongoing employee education allows us to send targeted messages to employees which will ultimately help them in achieving their retirement goals.