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Employee Benefits Plans

At Benefit Management our goal is to provide our clients with a first-class retirement plan experience. Accordingly, our team–based approach is focused on dedicated service at each stage of the plan’s operation.


  • Assessment
  • Customized Plan Design
  • Comprehensive Carrier Evaluation


  • Employee Education Sessions
  • Face to Face Enrollment and Rollover Assistance
  • Transition Resources and Support


  • Access to personal Service Contracts
  • Ongoing Reform Updates and Notices
  • Renewal Proposals and Recommendations

Additionally, we believe that employers must understand and manage the underlying factors that drive the cost of their coverage. Addressing these components and educating employees on best practices for utilizing their benefits are two critical factors in controlling the long-term cost of benefit plans, especially in relation to group health coverage. These methods provide a model for maintaining meaningful benefits to employees in an efficient and affordable manner for the employer. Our value is added to this process through three tenants:

Flexibility: Working with a group of respected carriers to match the client’s needs
Knowledge: Understanding opportunities available through diverse plan designs
Commitment: Providing a wealth of firm resources through personal service and support

Through our experience and awareness of addressing client needs, our team is best equipped to partner with employers in developing, implementing, and administering an effective benefit plan, that is, a plan which rewards the employee for service and cultivates loyalty for the employer based on the offering.