We serve a wide range of businesses in the fields of:  banking, construction, real estate, accounting, law, medicine, dentistry, wholesale distributors, schools and colleges, hospitals, associations and insurance companies.

Benefit Management is a comprehensive financial services firm for businesses, business owners and professional individuals.  We concentrate in the areas of:  business continuation strategies, qualified employee benefits, estate conservation strategies and financial services for corporations and individuals.  Our experience and knowledge in this area helps enable our clients to save money, time and effort in creating and administering their programs.

Our Goals…Through a broad experience in a wide range of services, we strive to provide professional service and guidance for the following:

Life Insurance

Mutual Funds

Profit Sharing Plans

401(k) Savings/Retirement Plans

Defined Benefit/Retirement Plans

Key Person Life and Disability Income Insurance

Variable Annuities

Brokerage Accounts

Strategic Alliances*

Property Casualty Insurance*

Commercial / Fire Insurance*

Business Continuation

"2nd to Die" Life Insurance 

Estate Conservation Strategies

Medical- fully insured or partially insured*

Health Insurance*

Dental Insurance*

*These products and services are offered through outside firms unaffiliated with New England Securities and its affiliates.  Each firm is independently responsible for the products and services they provide.


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